Managing Director

Senior Event Planner

Once a cruise ship entertainer, Kaitlyn’s peppy spirit and positive attitude shines in the work she produces. Her hand crafted tablescapes would even wow Martha and her DIY ideas are a Pintrest lover’s dream. She can be spotted skipping around floral markets or writing wedding blog posts. 


Sales Manager

Marketing Director 

Jill’s extensive background in fundraising has enabled her to execute some of the city’s most challenging events and has provided her with a rolodex of top industry leaders. The go-to girl for all things pop culture, politics, and life in NYC, Jill can be spotted out and about sporting her signature red lipstick.


Catering Manager

Office Logistics

Libby’s attention to detail and meticulous work ethic is a perfect skill set for gracefully managing our corporate catering department. An adept problem-solver, we make her sleep with her phone on. She enjoys exploring Manhattan and spending time with her twin nieces. 

Helah Kehati


Founder & President

Born into a family of entrepreneurs, working for “the man” was never in the cards for Helah. After earning her business degree from Boston University, she first became interested in event planning while working as a program coordinator for a non-profit. Looking to expand her logistics experience, Helah switched industries and joined a boutique photo production studio. This gave her an inside look into the world of high-end events and venues in NYC and became the platform to launch JPO Concepts. 

Now in the fifth year of managing her own company, Helah relishes the time she can spend interacting with other small businesses and freelancers sharing tricks of the trade! Her excitement for the industry is infectious as clients and employees alike leave each event feeling the same delight and enjoyment with which Helah attacks her work. 

In her spare time Helah has dedicates enjoys organic farming. She works at a small farm upstate New York where she gets her hands dirty!