The world of New York City weddings is elegant, opulent, fantastical and really anything that you want it to be. Whether you choose for a more bucolic setting surrounded by trees or a chic and urbane environment for reciting your vows, you need to know this world is a fast-paced one. As a result, the first step that you need to take is to set up a timeline.

Creating a timeline allows you to prioritize. While you might be excited to send out the invitations and to take your engagement pictures, you really need to book the reception and ceremony site quickly. It's entirely possible that even 18 months before your desired date, the spaces could already be booked. That's even more true if you're looking for a Friday or Saturday night wedding. Also, the length of wedding season has grown, and virtually any time from April through December can be quite popular.

Once you've made a timeline, you can also visualize all of the tasks to which you need to attend. Writing them down and assigning them to a specific month allows you to feel less stressed about the tasks that still have quite some time before they need completion. On top of that, you essentially have a massive to-do list, and you can check off each item as you go. Doing so allows you to see how far you have come and that you have the ability to complete the other tasks on the list.

As you're going through your timeline, you'll realize how many components a New York City wedding truly entails, and you may feel the need to have some professional assistance on board. Our team here at can help you find venues when you're engaged in NYC wedding planning. The Flatiron Penthouse, Studio Arte and the J Room are just a few of the places where you can see your wedding come to life. Once you've booked the venue, you can begin to build the other details around the space. You'll bring flowers, decorations and invitations together, throughout the stages of your outline, to create the wedding of your dreams. And of course we can take care of all of that if you would like us to handle the details of your NYC wedding planning.