Farm-to-table catering makes use of local farm-fresh seasonal ingredients to prepare delicious meals. You will rediscover flavors that many of us have forgotten about with all the processed foods present in our living environments. The popularity of farm-to-table catering has taken off with with recent changes in attitude towards food safety, food freshness, food seasonality, and small-farm economics.

If you're organizing a wedding and want to put together a menu that's delicious and satisfying but at the same time extremely healthy, farm-to-table catering may be something you want to consider.  Farm-to-table catering is exactly what it sounds like - wholesome foods from the farm straight to your plate. Companies that offer farm-to-table catering can help you arrange for meals that are both organic and local. They can assess your food preferences and needs and hand-select organic and local food items that are fit for your specifications. Farm-to-table catering services tend to be highly personalized to meet clients' exact needs and tastes.

People who are interested in fresh and seasonal culinary options for event catering may also want to explore farm-to-table catering. Farm-to-table catered meals, prepared using artisanal ingredients, can make events unique, one-of-a-kind experiences.

People are often surprised to discover that farm-to-table services can satisfy all of their event catering needs, and can be more than just an add-on to the catering service. Farm-to-table event catering companies can offer detailed and customized menus that consist of appetizers, entrees and desserts. People who turn to farm-to-table catering for their event catering services can request everything from Asian fusion to classic French fare and beyond. The choices in food with the farm-to-table option are often just as varied as those of many other more traditional catering options.

Planning farm-to-table event catering doesn't have to be a complicated process. We allow our clients to customize their exact menus down to the finest details. We can also  offer specialized menu packages that can be extremely convenient to event planners. If a planner wants her event to have a Spanish theme, for example, she can request a paella package that includes salads and paellas that are all made using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Why not ask us about the farm-to-table option for your next NYC event catering affair.