NYC venues that will add a glow to your winter event

There is no place in the world to celebrate the holidays quite like New York City. You can watch the tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center before going ice skating, wander through the city to see all the window displays and even take a sleigh ride through the snow. When it comes to planning a corporate event or end-of-year party in NYC, you will also want a venue to impress and delight. Changes are we have just the Nyc venue for you:

Events at Space530

Are you a fan of modern and contemporary designs? You'll have a hard time finding a place that better suits your interests than Events at Space530. Located in the Fashion District, this upscale space can accommodate up to 120 guests. Audio visual equipment lets you transform the space into a dance floor and lets you create your own light show. A built-in LED bar will make your guests want to order all their favorite drinks, while the space's large windows overlook the neighborhood. Other amenities include concrete floors and elegant white chairs with chrome accents.

Flatiron Penthouse

Treat your guests to some of the most amazing views in the city at the Flatiron Penthouse. This large and airy event venue has space for 80 guests and comes equipped with plenty of comfortable chairs and couches that your guests will appreciate. A small conference room is perfect for business meetings before the party starts, and an outdoor balcony lets your guests get a breath of fresh air. This facility also boasts a built-in bar, fully equipped kitchen elevator and a rooftop terrace for enjoying the local sights and sounds.

The J Room

If you love the thrilling excitement of the Theatre District, book The J Room for your holiday party. With space for up to 250 guests, this event space has elegant decorations and gorgeous windows that provide amazing views of NYC. A commercial kitchen helps your caterers prepare meals and appetizers, and the large hardwood dance floor lets your guests cut loose. The J Room even has an elaborate entrance that greets and welcomes your guests in style.

No matter which of these venues you choose, you'll pick a location that lets you and your guests ring in the New Year and celebrate all the top holidays in NYC. 



Planning a wedding in NYC? Start with a timeline

The world of New York City weddings is elegant, opulent, fantastical and really anything that you want it to be. Whether you choose for a more bucolic setting surrounded by trees or a chic and urbane environment for reciting your vows, you need to know this world is a fast-paced one. As a result, the first step that you need to take is to set up a timeline.

Creating a timeline allows you to prioritize. While you might be excited to send out the invitations and to take your engagement pictures, you really need to book the reception and ceremony site quickly. It's entirely possible that even 18 months before your desired date, the spaces could already be booked. That's even more true if you're looking for a Friday or Saturday night wedding. Also, the length of wedding season has grown, and virtually any time from April through December can be quite popular.

Once you've made a timeline, you can also visualize all of the tasks to which you need to attend. Writing them down and assigning them to a specific month allows you to feel less stressed about the tasks that still have quite some time before they need completion. On top of that, you essentially have a massive to-do list, and you can check off each item as you go. Doing so allows you to see how far you have come and that you have the ability to complete the other tasks on the list.

As you're going through your timeline, you'll realize how many components a New York City wedding truly entails, and you may feel the need to have some professional assistance on board. Our team here at can help you find venues when you're engaged in NYC wedding planning. The Flatiron Penthouse, Studio Arte and the J Room are just a few of the places where you can see your wedding come to life. Once you've booked the venue, you can begin to build the other details around the space. You'll bring flowers, decorations and invitations together, throughout the stages of your outline, to create the wedding of your dreams. And of course we can take care of all of that if you would like us to handle the details of your NYC wedding planning.



NYC Wedding Planning in Four Colors

If you’re newly engaged, choosing the perfect wedding date is probably on the forefront of your mind. Before you break out the calendar, the phone, your astrological chart and whatever else you need, we recommend giving serious thought to which of the four seasons you want to get married in.

NYC wedding planning is greatly affected by the time of year that a couple chooses to wed. Brides who want to walk down a grassy aisle wearing a flower crown will most likely choose a date in the spring or summer. On the other hand, weddings in the fall and winter are ideal for couples that want to exchange vows by candlelight.


Spring is a popular season for weddings, and there are many good reasons for this. With flowers blooming everywhere, it’s easy to find a picture-perfect outdoor venue, and floral arrangements will be more affordable. There are also fewer conflicting holidays in spring than in other seasons, so picking a weekend date is easier between April and June.


Summer is another popular wedding season for couples that want to plan an outdoor wedding full of flowers and pastels. There’s less chance of rain during the summer months, so you won’t have to hang on the weatherman’s every word a week before your big day. Just remember to book your wedding venue early, as many couples get married in the summertime.


If you think piles of colorful leaves are just as beautiful as trees full of white blossoms, you may want to consider a fall wedding. At an elegant venue like The J Room, guests could enjoy warm spiced apple cider at tables adorned with pumpkins and maple leaves. Remember that there are many holidays in fall, so plan around them or incorporate them into your celebration.


The early nights of winter can be the perfect time to celebrate a cozy indoor wedding with your close friends and family. A ceremony and reception could be held at the Flatiron Penthouse, where guests can mingle beside the fireplace and look out over the city on the rooftop terrace. If you get married in winter, your wedding will be the highlight of the season and not just one of many nuptials.